We create powerful images and help entrepreneurs tell their stories through them


In our days, video is consumed by millions of clients all over the world. Why not take advantage of this trend and create dinamic and strong videos for your business?

Social Marketing

Being present on social media all the time is a very difficult part of the role as an entrepreneur. We know you have many other things to do, so let us do it for you

Who we are

We are consultants and collaborators

Unleash your business potential and save time with our expert photography and videography services – where we’re not just vendors, but your trusted consultants and collaborators, helping you to stay focused on your growth, while still creating powerful images to tell your story

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The benefits


  1. You will have more time to grow your business
  2. You will Increase sales through visually appealing content and a professional representation of your business
  3. You can have customised photoshoots to meet specific business needs
  4. Flexibility in scheduling photoshoots to minimize business disruptions.
  5. You will get high-quality images optimized for display to look exceptional on any device
  6. You will have access to both simple and complex images with creative ideas to showcase your product/service and increase value to your customers.
  7. Have a dedicated studio representative to ensure smooth process and provide support as needed throughout the projects
  8. Fast delivery times so you can have them online as soon as possible
  9. Have the opportunity to choose if the photoshoot will be in your location or in our studio


  1. You will increase sales through creative solutions and high quality videos, tailored to today’s needs
  2. You will get more time so you can grow your business
  3. Have customised videography to meet specific business needs
  4. Your business will have better customer retention through video storytelling.
  5. Will have access to a long list of ideas for the videos, so you concentrate on the things important for you
  6. Have the opportunity to choose if the video shoot will take place in your location or in our studio
  7. Have high quality sound for your videos that will ensure a better retention from you clients.
  8. Have a dedicated studio representative to ensure smooth process and provide support as needed throughout the projects
  9. Fast delivery times so you can have online as soon as possible

Social Media

  • Saving time and effort by delegating social media management
  • Budget optimization through reduced internal costs and maximizing results
  • Access to the expertise and specialized knowledge of a social media firm
  • Opportunity to focus on key aspects of the business increased online presence and visibility of the business
  • Promoting products or services through social media with greater impact
  • Rapid adaptation to changes and trends in the online environment
  • Access to advanced social media technologies and tools

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Create powerful high quality images that tell the story of the product or services that you offer.

What do you get:

  • Photoshoot for approximately 1 hour in your location or in our studio
  • 20 – 30 final images***
  • High resolution images
  • Optimised images for online
  • Rights for using the images in online

***This number is correct if the images are created simple. If the process of creating the image is more complex that number can be different. It can reach even at 10 hours or more on an image. To find out more please speak with your account manager or write us an email.


As an entrepreneur you are always on a search to find the best way to show your products or your services. It’s very hard to do it by yourself and have high quality videos. That’s why we are here, to help you create those videos that tell the show off your product or the services you offer.
What do you get:

  • Video shoot for approximately 1 hour in your location or in our studio
  • 2 videos of 20 – 30 seconds
  • Full HD quality
  • Rights for using the images in online
  • Tons of ideas of videos to pick from, that are adapted to your industry

Social Media

We know it’s been difficult for you to be present all the time on every social media profile for you business. As an entrepreneur, you have many other responsibilities and people who depend on you. Our proposal comes as a solution to all of this.

What do you get:

  • 25 – 30 posts on Facebook and Instagram, with the images that we created together
    • images
    • videos
  • Content writing for every post with 5 to 15 words per post
  • Use of the #hashtags relevant for your line of business

What is the value?

Even if you are an entrepreneur or a marketing manager, the value can be infinite as you will have more time to deal with other important aspect of your company. To help you on the long run, we created a solution to have fresh content every month, that fits every need. Or, If you have a special project, contact us to give a custom proposal.











Depending on the package you choose, the services can be combined in any way, so it can satisfy the needs of your business. Some of the examples:

  • Starter Pack: you can choose PhotographyVideography or Social Media
  • For the GOLD Package, you can choose: photography + videography, photography + social media, or videography + social media.
  • For the PLATINUM Package, all three services are included: photography + videography + social media or you can choose two photography packages and one videography or any combination of three services that fits your business.

Prices do not include VAT.


If you have a custom project with specific needs that requires more time or more images at the end, please contact our sales team to give you a custom offer

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